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Dominating the search engines can’t always be done by just crisp SEO alone. Sometimes, you need that extra push to get to that next level.

For you to truly dominate and blow your competition out of the water, Search Engine Marketing is one of the things you need to consider.

But what exactly is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing is an internet marketing strategy that capitalizes on paid advertising in search engines. Whether it’s Google or Bing, your website’s visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs) is the key objective of an SEM campaign. Oh, and of course, getting lots of traffic.

If you already have an SEM consultant or agency, or if you already do this yourself, then you must now be wondering what exactly is SEM Auditing for.

Well, think of it as an exam. Before you take an exam, don’t you have to study for it first? Sure there may be times where you ace an exam even if you didn’t review, but you and I both know that’s not an ideal thing to do.

Studying and researching is what propels you to ace the exam. Same goes with SEM. You can have all the ideas and strategies at your disposal, but if you didn’t take the time to study and REVIEW your answers before submitting your exam, you could be in trouble.

Choosing Among SEO Auditing Companies in Australia

So you’re running an SEM paid search campaign in Australia and you aren’t seeing a tangible ROI. You were probably assured of a great return for your dollar and eventually you’ll have calls coming from every direction. At this point the best idea is to get a SEM audit company in Australia  based on your current situation, it makes sense. It could help get your campaign completely on track and get it done quickly. Efforts in this space sometimes only require a small tweak and you’re on the right path. Other times require larger changes that see an entire campaign change from top to bottom but its how you decipher what will work best in regards to all factors that can affect your end result such as; budget, your niche, your competition and the analytical data gathered from past or current results.

Maybe you’re new to paid search and much like SEM auditing you need to know where to focus your energy and get educated on where to focus your efforts. We can provide a full breakdown on the best way to go about your paid campaign and what to expect. Again, we do not provide the service but we give you the keys to start the proverbial performance machine.  By doing this you allow yourself peace of mind by knowing your dollars aren’t going into a trial and error campaign. If we feel results will come for you, we’ll tell you. If we don’t think paid is for you then we will tell you that too.

Why You Need an SEM Audit

SEM Audit Australia is only starting to scratch the surface. It’s important to get in the game as early as now because this way you can get ahead of the competition.

The reason you need an SEM audit is so that you know exactly where to spend your time, energy, effort, and money on. Your campaigns are going to be complicated and hard to quantify at times, so you’ll need an expert to interpret the data.

If you’re new to paid search, it’s going to be quite difficult to make sense of the data. Are you spending too much? Are you spending on the wrong things? Are you doing this particular campaign the right way? Are you missing something important?

Those are just a few questions that an SEM Audit Australia service can answer for you.

Breaking Down the Numbers

SEM auditing companies in Australia are starting to grow in number. And no matter what happens, it’s important for you to carefully choose who you’ll work with.

What competent SEO auditing companies do is make sure that you are putting your money where you should be. With an expert helping you run the show, you can be sure that there are no wastage in money and effort. Your campaigns will make more sense, and the data will be much more potent because you will know exactly what results you’re getting.

Here is a quick look of the stats that are being measured in an SEM Audit:

  • Quality Score
  • Budget
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Analytics (CPC/CTR/CTA etc.)

And to be honest, there are a lot more. It’s more complicated than that, but we don’t want you to be thrown off or have a slight headache cause of this. It’s up for your SEO audit firm to figure these things out.

But then… A few questions will always pop on your mind…

Should you get better results for your SEM campaigns? Are you doing things right? Are you making the most out of every dollar spent? How can you do that?

Well, that’s for your SEM audit firm to answer. And of course, that could be us too, if you want!

Our audits are done by real people who have years of digital marketing experience. Through these years of SEM evolution our marketers have seen the best and worse of optimisation efforts. Drop us a line and find out how we can help you.

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